Hadean is a ground-breaking partnership that brings together the expertise of world-renowned scientists and industry leaders to revolutionise the energy landscape. Our primary goal is to commercialise our pioneering technology known as Tubular Solid Oxide Electrolysis (tSOE).  Hadean is co-founded by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, and corporate advisor RFC Ambrian.

Hadean TEAM


Rob Adamson

Rob Adamson


Rob is the Executive Chair of RFC Ambrian and has over 30 years experience as a corporate finance professional. Rob has led numerous transactions, company and asset reviews and strategic advisory to CEOs and board throughout the resource industry. He has a passion for innovation and has guided the formation and growth of deep tech ventures Chrysos, NextOre, and MRead, which he currently serves as Chair.

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones


Andrew is the commercial lead for CSIRO’s energy portfolio and has 20 years experience in climate change and renewable energy strategy & technology including in venture structuring and management; technology and commercial evaluation; corporate strategy; and project development and investment. Andrew’s previous roles include corporate advisory, startups and renewable energy infrastructure project development and acquisition. He has also held peak public technical and policy institution roles in Europe and Australia.



Rob Adamson

Chris Rowland


Chris is a results-oriented executive leader, engineer, and consultant with 15+ years of experience in the energy, mining and industrial sectors. He has a proven track record of success leading and advising on major decarbonisation, industrial, and sustainability projects, both in the public and private sectors. As a strategic advisor, operations manager, and investment professional, he has spearheaded projects worth over $500 million. Chris is passionate about delivering outstanding results through collaborative problem solving and by building strong relationships with clients and colleagues.

Rob Adamson

Dr Raj Ratnaraj


Raj is a Materials Engineer with over 30 years experience in materials research, design, processing and testing in the renewable energy sector. Previously a Principal Engineer and Scientist at Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited. Whilst at Ceramic Fuel Cells 1994-2015, Raj rose from Senior Materials Engineer to Team Leader and then to Principal Engineer. Raj has also designed, developed, and tested fuel cells, stacks and BoP components successfully resulting in a commercially viable product “Blue Gen”.  Raj has several patents and peer reviewed publications in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Engineering Materials from academia and industry.

Rob Adamson

Dr Maciej Kubicki


Maciej is a Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in mechanical engineering and materials science, with extensive experience in advanced materials, specialising in SOFC and SOEC stack design. Maciej has broad experience across all phases of the new product development cycle, from concept generation, assembly, validation testing, quality control and manufacturing.

Rob Adamson

Theresa Lin


Theresa is an experienced Ceramics Engineer, responsible for modifying and improving ceramic processes for electrodes in SOEC. Theresa has over 20-years’ experience in ceramic fuel cells, with extensive hands-on experience in developing and improving processes for making electrodes, electrolyte and seals in SOFC.

Theresa has extensive experience in characterisation studies on cell components and post-mortem analysis of tested fuel cells for their performance evaluation.

Rob Adamson

Dr Gurpreet Kaur


Dr Gurpreet Kaur is a senior research scientist and leads the Electrochemical Energy Systems team at CSIRO. Dr Kaur’s team conducts R&D for the development of next generation electrochemical technologies for the production and utilisation of green fuels like hydrogen and ammonia for the decarbonisation of the various energy sectors. Dr Kaur has been working on understanding of the fundamental reaction mechanisms and materials development for electrochemical energy systems including water/carbon-dioxide conversion to transportable chemicals and fuels, electrochemical ammonia synthesis and ammonia assisted water electrolysis utilizing renewable energy. Dr Kaur has been the key scientist responsible for the tubular SOE electrode and cell development work.

Rob Adamson

Dr Sarb Giddey


Dr Sarb Giddey is Senior Principal Research Scientist and currently Group Leader in the Energy Technologies Program at CSIRO. With over 20 years of research and development experience in hydrogen-related technologies. Dr. Giddey’s contributions have been instrumental in advancing renewable fuels production, utilization, and battery recycling technologies. As the leader of a dynamic group comprising approximately 8 teams (around 40 scientists) with diverse expertise in materials science, chemical engineering, electrochemistry, ceramic manufacturing, and systems engineering, he drives ground-breaking R&D initiatives to enhance energy conversion efficiencies and promote the economic viability of emerging zero-emission technologies.